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The complimentary information described in the terraGIS (Google Maps) has been compiled and derieved from some of the papers listed below and published in various Australian and International journal articles.

Scope to predict soil properties at within-field scale from small samples using proximally sensedγ-ray spectrometer and EM induction data

J. Huang, R.M.Lark, D.A.Robinson, I.Lebron, A.M. Keith, B.Rawlins, A.Tye, O.Kuras, M. Raines, J.Triantafilis

Geoderma, 2014

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Modeling Coastal Salinity in Quasi 2D and 3D Using a DUALEM-421 and Inversion Software

G. Davies, J. Huang, F.A. Monteiro Santos, J. Triantafilis

Groundwater, 2014

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Digital soil mapping of available water content using proximal and remotely sensed data

L. Gooley, J.Huang, D.Page, J. Triantafilis

Soil Use and Management, 2014

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Spatial prediction of the exchangeable sodium percentage at multiple depths using electromagnetic inversion modelling

J. Huang, G.B. Davies, D.Bowd, F.A. Monteiro Santos, J. Triantafilis

Soil Use and Management, 2014

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Digital soil mapping of a coastal acid sulfate soil landscape

J. Huang, T. Nhan, V.N.L. Wong, S.G. Johnston, R.M. Lark, J. Triantafilis

Soil Research, 2014

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Digital Mapping of Soil Classes Using Decision Tree and Auxiliary Data in the
Ardakan Region, Iran

R. Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, F. Sarmadian, B. Minasny, J. Triantafilis, M. Omid

Arid Land Research and Management, 2014, 28:147–168

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Mapping soil salinity and pH across an estuarine and alluvial plain using electromagnetic and digital elevation model data

J. Huang, V.N.L. Wong, J.Triantafilis

Soil Use and Management, 2014

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Electromagnetic conductivity imaging of soil salinity in an estuarine-alluvial landscape

A. Goff, J. Huang, V. Wong, F.A. Monteiro Santos, J. Triantafilis

Soil Science Society of America Journal, 2014

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Inferring the Location of Preferential Flow Paths of a Leachate Plume by Using a DUALEM-421 and a Quasi-Three-Dimensional Inversion Model

J. Triantafilis, J. Ribeiro, D. Page, F.A. Monteiro Santos

Vadose Zone Journal, 2013, 12 (2)

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Digital soil pattern recognition in the lower Namoi valley using numerical clustering of gamma-ray spectrometry data

J. Triantafilis, I. Gibbs, N. Earl

Geoderma, 2013, 192: 407–421

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Electromagnetic conductivity imaging (EMCI) of soil using a DUALEM-421 and inversion modelling software (EM4Soil)

J. Triantafilis, F.A. Monteiro Santos

Geoderma, 2013, 211-212: 28-38

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Application of digital soil mapping methods for identifying salinity management classes based on a study on coastal central China

Y. Guo, Z. Shi, H.Y. Li, J. Triantafilis

Soil Use and Management,, 2013

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Pedometrics Research in the Vadose Zone—Review and Perspectives

B. Minasny, B.M. Whelan, J. Triantafilis, A.B. McBratney

Vadose Zone Journal, 2013

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Mapping the three-dimensional variation of soil salinity in a rice-paddy soil

H.Y. Li, Z. Shi, R. Webster, J. Triantafilis

Geoderma, 2013, 195-196:31–41

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An inversion approach to generate electromagnetic conductivity images from signal data

J. Triantafilis, C.H. Terhune IV, F.A. Monteiro Santos

Environmental Modelling & Software, 2013, 43: 88-95

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Modeling the electrical conductivity of hydrogeological strata using joint-inversion of loop-loop electromagnetic data

J. Triantafilis, V. Wong, F. A. Monteiro Santos, D. Page, R. Wege

Geophysics, 2012, 77(4): WB99–WB107.

(IF: ) (Citation: )

Mapping estimated deep drainage in the lower Namoi Valley using a chloride mass balance model and EM34 data

A. Woodforth, J. Triantafilis, J. Cupitt, R.S. Malik, R. Subasinghe, M.F. Ahmed, A.I. Huckel, H. Geering

Geophysics, 2012, 77 (4): WB245–WB256

(IF: ) (Citation: )

Digital soil mapping of compositional particle-size fractions using proximal and remotely sensed ancillary data

S. Buchanan, J. Triantafilis, I.O.A. Odeh, R. Subansinghe

Geophysics, 77(4): WB201–WB211

(IF: ) (Citation: )

An error budget for different sources of error in digital soil mapping

M.A. Nelsona, T.F.A. Bishop, J. Triantafilis, I.O.A. Odeha

European Journal of Soil Science, 2011

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Detecting a leachate plume in an aeolian sand landscape using a DUALEM-421 induction probe to measure electrical conductivity followed by inversion modelling

J. Triantafilis, J.A.E.Roe, F.A.Monteiro Santos

Soil Use and Management, 2011, 27, 357–366

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A spatially constrained 1D inversion algorithm for quasi-3D conductivity imaging: Application to DUALEM-421 data collected in a riverine plain

F.A. Monteiro Santos, J. Triantafilis, K. Bruzgulis

Geophysics, 2011, 76(2): B43–B53

(IF: ) (Citation: )

Hydrostratigraphic analysis of the Darling River valley (Australia) using electromagnetic induction data and a spatially constrained algorithm for quasi-three-dimensional electrical conductivity imaging

J. Triantafilis, F.A. Monteiro Santos

Hydrogeology Journal, 2011, 19: 1053–1063

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